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Mayflower Community Academy

Waves of Engagement

How our community school uses its 'Waves of Engagement' initiative to focus on school improvement and to facilitate learning.

Mayflower Community Academy’s ‘5 Waves of Engagement’ are devised to plot the course of the progressive range of positive actions which the Academy takes to improve life chances and to facilitate learning throughout its community. 

Mayflower Community Academy sets the fundamental Waves of Engagement’ as:

  1. Early family engagement with learning
  2. Deliberate attendance at school
  3. Engagement in learning and widening experiences
  4. Accelerating progress and deepening understanding
  5. Enabling others

The ‘Waves of Engagement’ are holistic measures, which seek to go beyond the goals of most schools. ‘Improving pupil outcomes’. The waves provide a metric by which the Academy can measure its effectiveness and impact in improving pupil outcomes. The outcomes of these measures are used to identify resources which can be used to unlock talents and interests consistent  with the community’s specific need. The ’Waves of Engagement’ initiative demonstrates that the Academy promotes learning as a life-long, inclusive process. This process thrives most when staff, parents, carers, pupils, cross-industry partners and expert agencies work in partnership. Each partner influences and enables learning for pupils and their families with equal weighting. 

All partners are encouraged to fully commit to improving life chances of pupils and to benefit from the waves of engagement initiative, there needs to be conscious awareness of both its longer-term operational plans and the daily and deliberate actions of its participants.  

"Time, space, resource, expertise and income. Our 'Waves of Engagenent' strategy creates increased opportunities to develop all 5 aspects of change."