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Year 3

Welcome to Class 3P and Class 3S

Mrs Ashton | Phase Leader

This term I am looking forward to...

I am looking forward to learning more about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and how housing and tools improved over time. I am also looking forward to delving into our new DT project, exploring linkages and levers. Finally, I am looking forward to exploring and reading new books with my class.

My top tip for learning is...

Read at home every day - It could be your books from school, comics, poetry or graphic novels. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." 

Always try your hardest. Everyone makes mistakes, but we learn from them by persevering and trying again. 

Mrs Murphy

This term I am looking forward to...

Teaching Year 3 pupils about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. I think they are going to be really enthused about this area of History. I am also looking forward to teaching our outdoor Real PE sessions and Science as these are both favourite subjects of mine.

My top tip for learning is...

Revisit areas that you know you are less confident in as often as you can. It can be scary to feel that you have a gap in knowledge but the only way to improve is to keep trying.

Also make sure that you give your brain regular breaks - step away and switch off to save you from overloading.

Useful things that will help you learn more this year

Year 3 and 4 Year Overview 


Class Texts | Reading Book list can be found here.

Things about us that are worth remembering


Bring your reading books, a coat, bag, a healthy snack and a water bottle every day. Pupils in KS2 do not receive a free fruit snack like they do in KS1.


We will have our spelling test and new spellings will be given out.

Wear your PE kit: a school logo or plain white t shirt, black shorts/gym leggings/tracksuit bottoms, a plain black or school hoody/jumper/cardigan. Only trainers should be worn for footwear.

Mr Crocker Mr Jenkins will be teaching PE and Music in the morning.


Mrs Easton will be teaching 3P all day.

Mr Crocker will be teaching 3S in the afternoon. 


Bug Club books and reading for pleasure books will be changed weekly or sooner if pupils are ready. 

Promoting Positive Learning Behaviour and Self Esteem

Add year group videos here...

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Child Protection and Safeguarding 

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How are you feeling? 

Good | Okay | Bad | Anxious | Depressed | Overwhelmed

Pupils - you can get help here.

Online Safety

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Learn more here

Everyone a Mayflower Reader | Hear Me Become A Reader

There is nothing quite like playing back something that you have rehearsed or performed and just... listening: feeling pride in your successes; noticing the areas for improvement and acting on them. This is what real learning is all about!

'Hear Me Become A Reader' is our way of enabling pupils to journal their reading journey; giving pupils ownership over their development within the subject. With more and more pupils uploading audio readings on a weekly basis, we wanted to make this process more interactive and even easier than ever.

With this in mind, 'Hear Me Become A Reader' has changed platforms - no more weekly assignments or uploading of separate audio files. With Microsoft OneNote, pupils now record and upload on the platform itself, to a confidential section in the 'class notebook' - just between the child and their teacher. What's more, pupils (and parents) can comment under each recording, as well as adding to a 'collaboration space' where pupils can recommend new books to their classmates. There is also a 'content library' containing key reading resources to help equip your child with the tools they may need to become more fluent and comprehensive readers.

The same expectations of a weekly recorded reading will be required as part of your child's home learning diet; but within the class notebook, pupils could easily upload a recording every night of the week if they wanted to (as has been requested by pupils and parents).

If using a laptop or PC, pupils can still access their class notebook via their TEAMS account, or if using a tablet or mobile phone, you can download the Microsoft OneNote APP from your APP store and sign in using your child's MS TEAMS login details (please note it can sometimes take up to 24 hours to sync notebooks).

Have a go and explore the class notebook - the more your child uses it, the more confident they will become at leading their own learning. We can't wait to see how pupils use this new tool to enhance their learning at Mayflower!

Please see the links below, which provide step-by-step instructions in 'logging in' and 'recording your reading'.

Together we can...

HOW 2 ... log into class notebook on MS One Note (laptop/PC)

HOW 2 ... record my voice on MS OneNote while reading (laptop/PC)

HOW 2 ... log into class notebook on MS One Note (mobile devices) 

HOW 2 ... record my voice while reading on MS OneNote (mobile device)

How to get the most out of learning? 

Oli Cav has worked with us as a school to develop the methods and strategies for learning. Click on the link below to find out more.