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Mayflower Community Academy

Y1 | Mrs Bradshaw

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Together we can...create learning that empowers, inspires and challenges us all.



I always wanted to teach from a very young age. I remember enjoying playing class teacher with my peers and this is what steered me towards my career in teaching. I have a real passion and desire for helping children reach their full potential and really enjoy the challenge of ensuring all learning is accessible by all pupils.  I am focused on empowering pupils, parents and staff to use our spaces to link with experts and develop their ideas.I believe building strong relationships with our families and the local community is vital. I aim to empower others to consciously do so too.  

I have had many roles while at Mayflower and I have experienced and contributed to the progression and development of MEP Maths delivery across the Academy. I have also contributed to developing the LAT computing curriculum with a dedicated team of professionals while in my role of computing and E-Safety lead.

I am also interested in discovering the wider world and the cultures within it. I enjoy planning opportunities for the children to connect with their wider world to widen perspectives, develop curiosity and build upon their cultural capital. I am keen to help the children grow into well-rounded and knowledgable pupils.

How to link with me

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1. Psychological

2. Emotional

3. Physical

4. Relational Energy

Why Mayflower?

From the very first day I started working at Mayflower, I could see it was a place full of inspirational leaders. Its innovative culture makes it the place to be. It challenges you to be the best you can be!

What am I Reading?

I have always enjoyed reading since I was very young. I enjoy immersing myself in a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. I enjoy books that have lots of interesting characters and plots. I really enjoy a good plot twist!

What am I Researching?

As part of my continued professional development, I am delving deeper into the Trivium model to improve my everyday practice. I am looking at the best strategies to ensure learning is remembered forever.