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Why Music?


Music for Future Musicians

A music curriculum built on this model allows for students to learn and develop their musical skills in a way that is structured and progressive - with incremental, transferable skills at the core of building our musicians of the future. By teaching our students the core elements of musical learning and creating they can more easily digest, deconstruct and create music. 


Music as an Enhancer

Singing curriculum based songs can help students to know more and remember more.

Singing a song about a new subject can spark a child’s curiosity and give them the confidence to explore the topic in more depth.’ Music is a fantastic tool for supporting learning in other subject areas that should be utilised whenever appropriate. However, it’s important to be aware that while improving learning in another subject, musical learning may not be taking place. You can create a powerful multidisciplinary learning experience when combining several subjects equally to develop understanding of a theme, experience or idea.

Creative ways to embed regular musical learning and singing into the curriculum should be encouraged. The notion of joined up learning advocated by the IPC supports the integration of music to benefit cross-curricular learning and improve musical understanding for the numerous benefits that brings; especially personal development.


Music for Humans

Singing is not only a fantastic tool for supporting learning across all areas of the curriculum; it is also proven to help improve children’s memories, confidence, health and social development. It strengthens bonds, cements community and can instil a feeling of wellbeing. Songs can help us reflect on who we are, how we relate to others, what we want from life and how fortunate we are to be happy.


Music for Community

Community is a fundamental aspect of our experience of music—it tends to unite people, forming bonds that might not exist otherwise. It connects different cultures, promoting diversity and growth. Music encourages creative thinking, discipline, leadership, and problem solving. And it’s a medium for individual and group expression—as Hans Christian Andersen said, “Where words fail, music speaks.”

Ryan Jenkins, Music Subject Lead and curator of the MCA Kodaly-Inspired Curriculum