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Mayflower Community Academy


A View Into Our Future | Together we can...

Mayflower is a school like no other. 

Our vision is focused on creating two principal legacies, namely, Learning and Leadership.  We consciously and consistently provide the opportunities to follow this vision.  The first principal legacy is Learning related. 

1. Together we can...create learning that you'll remember forever.

Everyone has school memories, especially from the important Primary years.  Certain learning points endure in the mind, where they will have lifelong value.  Foremost in our memory will be the school trips, the discos, the play, and the inevitable emotional encounters along the way.  But what about the memory of the learning linked to knowledge and skills?  Knowledge of subject content, the knowledge gained from repetition of tasks, finding the love in the learning, the crafting and drafting to achieve the most creative and high quality outcomes, products. 

Our vision supports pupils so that they can capture points in learning and then use these points to organise their thinking.   By this method, pupils will be enabled to form coherent, informed opinions, which they can then present with clarity and confidence.  We encourage pupils to connect with others and share ideas beyond our postcode.

Staff work with pupils, to enable them to move through a process of selecting, organising and integrating learning experiences in order for them to engage with the learning process. 

Staff teach pupils how to see links from within and across subjects. Pupils learn to spot where concepts overlap and how, by expanding their vocabulary, their memory is more effective. Creating learning that we will remember forever includes exciting and fun learning experiences for the pupils,  but it is goes further.  Teachers also use the latest cognitive and neuroscience findings, to ensure that pupils receive a systematic approach to retaining  knowledge. 

Our vision is to create meaningful learning, which impacts not only on the learner, but also on how they can impact on the wider world.  

We have a broad, but focused vision, we have an ambitious, but grounded vision.  Together, we are signed up to this ongoing task.  

"Our vision is to support pupils to capture points in learning and use these to explain their thinking. To make an informed opinion. An intellectual noise that stirs thinkers and thinking beyond the school itself. We want pupils to connect with others and publish their ideas beyond our postcode."

The second principal legacy is Leadership related. 

2. Together we can...create leadership that's good enough to share.

So, what is leadership? How good is good enough?

Leadership is more than just having a skillset that staff use to pursue our vision. Leadership is also about having a strong mindset which stands for something, but equally strong by having agility, adaptability and empathy. The Mayflower teacher’s mind is grounded in our our school strap line “Together we can”, which succinctly encompasses everything that we are about.  We lead with this mindset and strap line harnessed together.  

The phrase, “good enough to share”, encompasses willingness to contribute, to collaborate, and to share ideas.  

We all feel pressures, and we can find ourselves facing events and circumstances which often seem beyond our control, the Pandemic, for example,  being one in which we all faced varying challenges.  

Leadership that is good enough to share, however, looks for the space within these challenges to pause, reflect and share not just outcomes, but also the process We believe in, and engage with, school to school support. We embrace colleague to colleague support. Staff are given space and time in their year to network beyond their postcodes and to share their ideas. Good The broader aim is to deepen our understanding of an idea, seek and invite feedback, critique and make new links that go on to help us to achieve our learning and leadership legacy.  The merit of an idea which is shared, will be determined by that process. The value derived from this sharing is that leadership and learning progress, equipping them to make a meaningful contribution in the world. 

"...good leadership makes the space within these challenges to pause, to reflect and to share not only outcomes, but also the process of learning."