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Mayflower Community Academy


Together We Value...

At Mayflower, we value people as individuals and for their collective impact on the life choices of our community. Values can be a very personal thing and they can also be universal. Below are some of the things that we value highly. 

Together we value...

individuality and unique viewpoints

our collective wisdom 

the opportunity to learn together and achieve lifelong hopes and dreams

living and learning with integrity and in conjunction to learning

creativity, through attention, collaboration and craftsmanship

noticing detail, as a pathway to beautiful learning

partnerships that result in added worth to our community

opportunities to share and publish learning beyond our postcode

being open to ideas that might stimulate us to think differently

exploring ideas that might stimulate us to think differently

We aim to create a culture of peaceful resolution where there is conflict. In response to feedback from parents, staff and governors at Mayflower we have created a 'Home and School Partnership Agreement - Parent Code of Conduct'. 

Please read and sign here. This document has been circulated to parents within the Autumn Parents Safeguarding Sway and also via email. 

We hope that this document reassures families and staff that we are working hard to create a calm culture of support. 

Together we can.