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The Basics Explained

Making progress in anything is always easier when the expected outcomes are made clear. We aim to use this page as a reference point for minimum expectations. A space to clarify what we expect with all the aspects of learning that we call, 'The Basics'.


Once these basics are achieved, pupils have brain space to be creative and take their learning further.

The list of, 'The Basics' is made by looking carefully at what pupils create and where they need correcting. The Basics are categorised under three progressive headings:


  1. Accuracy | the areas of learning that need repetition and spaced practice in order to become automatic. The things that we don't want pupils to worry about, but instead, just do.
  2. Effort | the areas where pupil's extra focus is recognised. Learning needs attention and pupils are acknowledged for giving sustained effort.
  3. Bravery | the areas of learning where automaticity of the basics then allows for creative flair to be exercised. Taking the basics into brave new worlds of learning, where mistakes are made, and this process is celebrated.