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Mayflower Community Academy


2 Surveys designed to help us meet our community's wants and needs

We value feedback on how we can create the most relevant and aspirational curriculum offer. We currently have two live surveys. 

One for families who have joined us within this last academic year (including our families in early years) and other for all families regardless of when they joined. 

1. New families: 
[ Better Together New Families 2021/2022 ]

2. All families:
[ Better Together 2022/2023 ]

Please feel free to explore and compete the survey that is most relevant for you. New families please feel free to complete both surveys. 

Our Governors will then support our leadership team to evaluate the outcomes, and based on community feedback, plan any updates to our 2022/23 provision and beyond.

Thank you in advance for you time. 

Together we can…design the most relevant curriculum.

One that meets our community's wants and needs.