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Mick is a local lad from North Prospect and a proud member of the Mayflower Community Academy area. Having spent his early years in close proximity to the school, he has a deep connection to the community and continues to reside in the Lower Ham area. This lifelong association with the area instils in him a strong sense of commitment to the Mayflower Community Academy.

Professionally, Mick serves as the Head of Change and Transformation at a company, drawing on his unique background in the British Army to address complex change challenges. With extensive experience spanning over two decades in the military, as well as more than a decade in the private and public sectors, Mick excels in solving intricate problems for individuals, teams, and organisations. He brings this expertise to his role as a school governor, aiming to drive positive change and improvement within the academy.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mick is an avid beekeeper, leveraging the lessons of nature to foster agility, complexity, and emergent change. This mindset not only guides his work but also translates into his approach to education. Mick is dedicated to helping individuals and teams understand, adapt, and thrive in the face of change, a quality that aligns well with the dynamic nature of a school environment.

Furthermore, Mick's active participation in triathlons showcases his determination and resilience. As a proud parent of twin boys attending the Mayflower Community Academy, he is deeply invested in the success of the school. Mick's firsthand experience as a parent fuels his commitment to ensuring that all students receive the best possible education and opportunities for personal growth.

Adding to his involvement, Mick's entire family participates in the local choirs affiliated with the school. Their collective dedication to the arts reinforces the importance of nurturing creativity and expression amongst students. By engaging in the musical community, they contribute to the cultural fabric of the Mayflower Community Academy and demonstrate their belief in the transformative power of music in education.

Mick's multifaceted approach, encompassing his professional expertise, passion for change, active participation in triathlons, and involvement in the local choirs, makes him an invaluable asset to the school's governance team. His deep understanding of change dynamics, combined with his commitment to education, community, and the arts, helps shape a thriving and inclusive learning environment for all students at the Mayflower Community Academy.

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