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Mayflower Community Academy


Two Way Communication | A Chance To Share Ideas

It is crucial to maintain two-way communication between school and community. Without it, we can't be certain that we are serving our community or their needs. We also can't create an effective ecosystem of learning. The very best communication, and our preference every time, is face to face. Looking each other in the eye, smiling bright and sharing a perspective. This is how relationships start, trust formed and ideas developed. 

As well as the face to face meetings, we also embrace technology. It often helps us to share a message, a story or an example of pupil learning way beyond our school gates. It can be immediate and help save time, resources as well as talk with larger groups of people - all at the same time. The information below begins to explain how we strategically communicate. You will see that we select different forms of communication to serve different needs. For example,

Arbor email serves as a tool for school to give direct (to parents only) text and email based comms. On the other hand, MailChimp serves as a tool that goes way beyond our parents and offers a two-way communication with people who choose to digitally sign up to support us. We are keen to build a communication plan that suits as many people as possible. After all, it takes two (at least) to talk. Together we can...

"Communication. It's a wonderful art!"