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Mrs Sandey | Assistant Headteacher

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"Together we can….create the time, space, resource and expertise to enable our community to thrive."



I am curious: curious about education, society, health, nature, culture and life in general. I strive to enable a rich and informed educational environment where pupils can purposefully explore, embed and enrich their understanding of the world. As leader of ‘Community into Curriculum’, I aim to create time, space, resource and opportunity for communities to flourish – centring the pupil at the heart of this: developing identity and a genuine sense of collective belonging.


How to link with me

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1. Psychological

2. Emotional

3. Physical

4. Relational Energy

Why Mayflower?

Our ethos is driven by the community it serves. Mayflower embodies ‘passion’. With a relentless dedication to inspire, create & progress; we strive for the ‘unattainable’ perfection - only to fall into something spectacular. Mayflower is a sanctuary of innovation; continuously pushing boundaries and creating opportunities to achieve only the very best. We are a family: staff, pupils, parents and community partners.                                                    ‘Together we can’ create something beautiful.

What am I Reading?

As an English Literature major, I love nothing more than immersing myself into the 19th Century Romantic period: Austen, Bronte and Dickens hold a firm place in my heart. Fictional writing can be highly under-rated, but to discard & ignore such beautiful works of art can be tragic. It can unlock the past to reveal cultural secrets and unearth the ever-changing complexities of society and the human condition. Our understanding of the world, and ourselves, may be altered forever with every page that is turned.

What am I Researching?

I lead on many things at Mayflower, but most recently I have begun plotting our recovery plans as well as evaluating the impact of our provision for pupil premium pupils. With a strong sense of service to our community, I enjoy studying and intellectually examining the most impactful ways to shape learning. I take part in a group of regional educators and researchers who meet regularly to discuss these areas of interest. This work is pivotal to Mayflower's values and vision and overarching goals.