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Mr Sammels | Headteacher

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Underpinning my role as headteacher at Mayflower, is the fact that, essentially, I am an ideas person. I make sound well researched decisions, but not to the exclusion of occasionally acting on my intuition. I like to take the role of 'curator'. Someone who collects and organises leadership and learning experiences. I enjoy assembling teams of talented people who can enrich these experiences and bring more meaning to the aims of our school and community. 

I aim to facilitate pupils, together with their families, in developing their talents and interests. I work to create an enhanced curriculum, which will live on within us beyond the primary years. 

I am very focused on unpicking and analysing the process of learning, almost to the point of obsession. I believe that this is where the real magic in learning is to be found. Accordingly, this is why you might well hear me say, "Show me your sweat and not just your six-pack". 

I seek out opportunities for collaboration with experts both within education and the wider world of employment. I have found that the cross pollination of ideas between education and the world of work is an essential tool for school development. I thrive on new ideas that challenge my thinking. I believe that everybody can potentially contribute when it comes to ideas. I invite you to share yours with us here at Mayflower. If I could condense what I am about it would be to have our pupils to proudly pronounce, 'I remember my Mayflower learning forever'.

How to link with me

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Why Mayflower?

From the moment the school opened its doors in 2009, I knew that Mayflower could become something very special. Its innovative culture makes it the place to be. I am surrounded by the most inspiration leaders.

What am I reading?

I am an avid reader of theory. I also take time to read about design and innovation. I am currently reading 'The Forecast' magazine by Monocle. There is inspiration to be found on every page.

What am I Researching?

Always interested in getting under the skin of our collective impact. I am researching how the SOI model of learning impacts on our ability to deepen understanding.