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Maths and Reading | Mr Weale


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I am a keen mathematician and have a background in both teaching and accountancy. I now specialise in teaching maths and enjoy taking on the challenge of working with pupils and parents who struggle. So many people feel that they just can't do maths. I enjoy unlocking their true potential by helping them to solve problems using the most effective systematic approaches.

My favourite page on this website is our calculation page:

Out of hours, I serve as a Coastguard and when not responding to emergencies I spend almost all my time in the sea. I spear fish, swim, paddle board, kayak or surf every weekend - no matter what the weather. 

How to link with me

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1. Psychological

2. Emotional

3. Physical

4. Relational Energy

Why Mayflower?

Mayflower is such a special place to work. You are encouraged to get outdoors and stay healthy. I feel very supported and aim to keep a balance between work and leisure. 

What I am reading

I am a Coastguard so spend most of my time reading the rules and regulations related to staying safe around coastline.

What am I Researching?

I am always finding time to revisit my must know knot techniques. Research that saves lives. I also research how direct instruction when teaching can aid learning and understanding in the classroom.