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Mary Myatt | School Improvement | Curriculum



Mary Myatt

I first met David Sammels in 2015 at a conference organised by The Key for School Leaders and was immediately impressed by David’s enthusiasm for the work in his school. I visited a few months later and these were my impressions:

-A wonderful atmosphere for learning: pupils eager to share what they had been learning

-A truly welcoming school for pupils, their parents and the wider community

-A mature approach to pupil leadership and community involvement: pupils taking it in terms to take orders and serve lunch to their peers, teachers, learning assistants and guests 

-A very high level of staff engagement in and enjoyment of research and curriculum design

-A wonderful commitment to the local community: a real sense that everyone is involved in the education of the young people

-An ambitious project to develop the skills of local people which I referenced in ‘Hopeful Schools’

-Since 2015 David and his team have continued to grow themselves, their pupils and their community through an incredible range of resources to support their professional learning. An inspiration to all.

Mary's research and school improvement materials are the basis of much of Mayflower's work. Staff have access to Mary's innovative work on curriculum and leadership