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Our intent is for our children to develop a love of a wide range of books, link sounds and letters and begin to independently read and write.




We provide daily Phonics Bug and Bug Club Inc phonics lessons, taught in small groups. Children are regularly assessed in order to continuously move learning forward. Staff also teach daily storytelling lessons, focusing on high quality texts at a suitable level for our children. Children learn to tell stories both orally and in written form, using their phonics knowledge. Children are given daily opportunities to read for pleasure, and access a range of books, both independently, and through story time at the end of every day. They are also provided with daily opportunities to mark make using a range of media equipment. We develop our children’s oral language skills further through use of carefully planned, tiered vocabulary. We share and use our oracy rules in order to promote great speaking and listening skills when story telling.



We monitor the progress of our children through regular, ongoing observations and assessments. We use the Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters to plan our progressive curriculum, across our EYFS, in order ensure that our children are making good progress. We also moderate both within school and externally as a LAT to ensure that our judgements are timely, quality assured and accurate.