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Learning and Memory Tools

Tonic Sol-fa

Tonic Sol-fa is a method of learning and reading music. This technique uses seven note names for a scale (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti), with a hand signal for each syllable. In Tonic Sol-fa, 'do' is considered to be the key-note in all major scales and keys. Additionally, 'la' is considered to be the key-note in all minor scales and keys. Tonic Sol-fa is an excellent way to train the musical ear.

Use the accordion below to practice your sol-fa scale skills!

Major Pentatonic Scale



Minor Pentatonic Scale



Major Scale



Minor Scale




Rhythm Syllables

Syllable-based rhythmic reading systems allow students to internalise the different rhythmic groups that can be found in a score, allowing them to become more agile in their music reading.