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Ilenia Madaro


A Podcast With: Italian Artsist Ilenia Madaro













Interview Questions


Hello Ilenia, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Mayflower. This is our Made in Mayflower Media Podcast. Thank you for agreeing to Podcast with us. How are you today?


Question 1

Ciao Ilenia, we know that you grew up in the southern of Italy, then you moved to Milan and now you live in Malta, is there something of all these places that is represented in your Art?


Question 2

Hello Ilenia, How do you make such beautiful paintings using watercolours, because it is very hard for me to use them. Is it the only technique you use for making your Art?


Question 3

We have done some research on you and  I was impressed of your nickname. Why did you choose Illyeyes as your nickname?


Question 4

Ilenia, we heard you design front covers of books. How did you get this idea and what is your favourite front cover you have designed?


Question 5

I saw your front cover book paintings. My favourite is the under sea ones. What inspired you when you painted that one?


Question 6

I have learnt that you often paint during the night under the light of just a candle. Is there a reason why you do that? How can you do it?


Question 7

Ciao Ilenia. What projects are you working on at the moment, and what are your future projects?


Question 8

Ilenia, you are an artist, but I am curious to know if do you have any other passions that make you feel complete?


Question 9

Ilenia, we know that you worked for a media/advertising company before becoming an Artist, is there any connection between these two carriers? Can you tell us how you became an artist?


Question 10

Ilenia, I am wondering how you feel when you paint, have you ever painted yourself. Do you spend long time to work on a portrait?



Sadly, it is the end of the podcast, thank you Ilenia, and we hope that you have enjoyed this time with us. Have a lovely rest of your day and remember…