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Graham Fink | 'Fink Differently'

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Multimedia artist Graham Fink is recognised as one of the world’s most respected, and highly awarded, creative minds.

Fink is a multimedia practitioner working in the fields of photography, film, painting, drawing and technology. 

His career over the years has been defined by never being entirely satisfied with the status quo, whether in the world of advertising, or in the world of art.

Fink has long explored ideas of the subconscious and creativity through works spanning video, installation, photography, and painting, he tries to understand the principles behind artistic practices and new creative expressions.

In 2001 he set up his own production company, thefinktank – a conceptual production company. Graham is a great believer in nurturing young talent and launched theartschool in 2005 (described as Britain’s most radical art school), holding sessions in venues as diverse as the House of Commons.



Part 1 | The Market Hall


Part 2 | Mayflower (via zoom)


Podcast Questions


Graham, you are a world leader on ‘Finking Differently’. You are known for doing things differently. Thank you for coming to visit us. It means the world. How has your stay in Plymouth been?

Respond too Graham’s points on playing the guitar…


Question 1:

My Mum’s favourite chocolate is Dairy Milk. You say the advertisement was about JOY. This was what you wanted us to feel when watching the advertisement. My friend said they thought about rock stars. You have inspired us to spread our school message, ‘Together we can…’ What could you tell us about the dairy milk advert and how would this help us to spread our school message?


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Question 2:

You found the young designer who launched a cool advert for Coca Cola - can you tell us about this advert and how did the young designer catch your eye and do you think that anyone could achieve this if they set their mind to it?


Question 3:

We heard you say that we should, ‘Eat Your Own Head’. Here is what I think you mean…What do you mean by this though please?


Question 4:

Graham, lovely to meet you, I feel honoured to work with you. I hear that you are a designer, artist, sculpture, photographer and more. Which is your favourite type of art and how do you use it to make people Fink Differently?


Question 5:

A lot of people around the world know you for being creative. Have you bee thinking outside the boa your whole life or did something happen that changed the way you think?


Question 6:

We know that you have linked with our Headteacher, Mr. Sammels. He  Fink’s Differently about education - for example, we are here at The Market Hall doing this with you today.  What are your thoughts on education and what must change?


Question 7:

You say, ‘It doesn’t matter if you fail, fail better’. We love this idea. Could you tell us a bit about when you have failed and what did you learn from this process?


Question 8:

Some people are scared of AI? I see that you have met up with a robot. For me, that is amazing. You draw with your robot and with your eyes, and AI Sophia the robot helped you. How do you draw with your eyes and could we have a go?


Question 9:

Your eye drawings are one continuous line. Did you know that our new logo is also one continuous line. The Mayflower ship sailing on a lumpy sea. It is lumpy to represent life being a challenge. If we fail - we are fine, because, Together we can.


Question10 :

You are so creative. We see online in adverts that you love colourful things. Why then do you always wear black clothes? And we love the black gorilla in the Dairy Milk advert. I am not allowed to eat dairy - maybe we could design a milk free chocolate advert? My idea for this is…


Question 11:

We love being creativity. What books should we read to help us learn more about this?


Question 12:

Some of our best dreams bring the best ideas. Have you had any good ideas when you have been dreaming?


Question 13:

You say, stay curious, try new things, fail landfall better. How do you stay so positive and what projects are you working on next?


Question 14:

Since last meeting you, we have done a lot of thinking about being creative in school. We have challenged almost all our podcast guests to speak about their values and creativity. We have asked them to think about what it means to think differently when working in their chosen industries. In school, we have realised that meaning for us comes from thinking about doing things in a different order. For example, running a podcast. What about if we started a website where we could make things with others around the world and not just as we do now - within our class? What do you think about this idea, and how could we get this going? Perhaps we could design a project that made AI act in ways that helped us to understand more about how our brains worked? 


Question 15:

You recently ran a workshop at the old Battersea Power Station in London. We would have loved to been able to attend. We think you were talking about AI and how to think differently. What should we do if we wanted to run a workshop for other children on how to learn something new or learn something better? What top tips do you have for us?


Question 16:

We have missed you, Graham. How can we keep you as a mentor, or how do we learn more from you about creativity?


Question 17:
Graham, did you know that I keep a scrappy bit of paper in my class toolkit that has your slogan written, 'Stay creative. Fink Differently'. I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel special and believe in myself. 



Thank you, Graham.

You have given us advice on getting our voice heard. We will continue to publish our learning beyond our postcode. Without question, you have influenced us so much already and there isn't a week where your name doesn't pop up in our group. Thank you so much for linking and inspiring us. Working with you has reminded us that,

'Together we can…’

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Part 1 | The Market Hall


Part 2 | Mayflower (via Zoom)