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Mayflower Community Academy


Critical and supportive friends | Friends, Parents and Teachers Association (FPTA)

Out current parent council groups are many. They are listed below. Each group serves a different purpose and contributes to our school life in a slightly unique manner. 

You can't have a motto like, 'Togteher we can...' without working closely with a friends of school group. Our Friends, Parents and Teachers Association ( FPTA) is a fundamental part of our school work and direct link to community.

The FPTA members meet with senior memebers at least once a term. The reality however, due to the set up of our school, not a week goes by with out meeting to plan and fund future ideas and projects.  This helpes to keep parent voice at the centre of school decisions.

The FPTA are currently reviewing their vision and values statements and are busy plotting priorities against

a) community wants and needs

b) community talents and interests (plotted agianst our 5 Waves of Engagement)

c) academy (school) improvement plan

Our FPTA also focus on raising the profile of curriculum ventures and ensuring everyone gets full access to learning. They work to promote activities that can be categorised against our 5 Waves of Engagement. Large amounts of their time is spent on fund raising, seasonal events and being present in and around school. The FPTA group ensures that all families get regular opportunites to have a say in how Mayflower functions. Their actions are primarily aimed at helping pupils and their parents to develop their talents and interests. Their latest project is to raise funds and support the pupil led @MadeInMayflowerMedia Community Radio Station. 

Ensuring that school stays relevant to all

Our Diversity Group is made up of community members who represent the many cultures, beliefs, religions and viewpoints both in school but also beyond. They link with local businesses and support groups and come together each term to collectively create a newsletter that represents what is important to families at Mayflower. They also check in with Senior Leaders about Mayflower's curriculum design to make sure it fully represents the families who attend. The group also looks at how new families can be made to feel welcomed and access support with navigating the world of school, skills development and employment. 

We have many community and friends groups that come together to further develop their skills and knowledge of curriculum areas. We invite parents to work with us to develop thier talents and interests. Parent Art groups, Maths study groups and even storytelling groups are just a few examples of these.