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Diversity Business Incubator (DBI) | Family Support


Diversity Business Incubator (DBI) Plymouth has become a supportive partner for us here at Mayflower. Projects such as, Azza Art - where pupils worked with local artist Azza and recreated a cultural inspired mural, Cultural Cooking, where parents worked with Chef Don and City College Plymouth to recreate a traditional dish (with a twist), Diversity Business and Recruitment Meet, where pupils met local business that were run by BAME group members, cultural storytelling sessions at Jabulani Food Market, links to projects alongside Lady Lord Mayeress - have all come out of work that DBI has co-ordinated, introduced us to or linked us with.

We have many more projects planned alongside DBI. This website space will beocme filled with examples of our cross school and business collaborations. We feel like teh DBI team are part of our extended family. This family link means that our pupils are becoming more connected to other BAME groups. They are also benefiting from creative projects that develop deeper community connection. They are connecting and impacting on groups beyond Mayflower's school gates and natural catchment area. They are broadening their perspective of what community, culture, faith and connection means to them, but also others.