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David Strudwick | Curriculum and Extended Opportunities | Creativity in the Community

Dave Strudwick is a valued and exceptional Thought Leader. He has worked with Mayflower as a critical friend as well as during COVID on an innovative community engagement project. 

Home Learning Village Brief - Wonder Act Grow


The trail will relate to the theme of our community … and will draw upon and celebrate the following:

  1. Our community history 

  2. What makes us special - things that have made our heart sing from the arts to personal stories, new confidences etc. that you have made happen. Recent experiences of the last few months where life has been completely different. We are curious about what you want to hold onto from this time.

  3. The places that are important to us in our city.

The trail is populated initially by a small group of families, with their contributions being a catalyst for other families to make their own content for the trail. The trail is therefore designed to engage families and to be a model for families own contributions. The trail, and the celebration of what is made, will be used to create a manifesto for Home Learning Village’s future based on our collective imagination and underpinned by what is important to us.


The following outline sequence will support the project

  1. We are given a design brief below and time to locate and create content for our part of the trail

  2. We plan for a month long project with clear launch, performance and audience

  3. Plan some form of celebration / trail for families and artists after community contribution

  4. Publicity for launch of HLV


Directors Brief 

Describe and record using only audio on your phone, tablet or laptop the following. The audio might be complimented by art work etc. but the idea is that you listen in a place not watch a screen somewhere else. Imagine listening at Devil’s point to a sea shanty and piece from Darwin’s diary when he left in the Beagle.

  1. Something that is special to you as a memory of coming to Plymouth

  2. Something that you want to hold onto from the recent months of not being at school 

  3. Something about Plymouth which is special to you

We have focussed on audio at a time when in the recent past we have not been able to see each other in the normal way. This is a way of highlighting the things that every parent is longing for - for our children to reconnect to the things they love and to create a new future to live into. The idea would be that other families can access your voice in a place that is special to you. You might want to also highlight any pictures relating to the audio which we could then use in a range of ways depending on what gets finally made.