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Governor with over thirty years of experience in education.

My background was initially in industrial and graphic design. Teaching was never on my radar and I came into it somewhat accidentally. I have, throughout all aspects of my career, looked to incorporate my passion for the arts, creativity, problem solving and collaboration within my practice wherever and whenever possible. 

Though education continually changes and evolves some things always remain the same. I believe that it is vital that we know our children, develop their interests, capture and captivate their imaginations whilst providing them with a secure environment so they learn who they are, discover their skills, grow and learn.

For me the most rewarding part of my journey in education has and always will be when I hear a child say 'Oh, I see, I get it now.' As a governor I am able to work with the school as a 'critical friend.' I am always happy to support where I can, be it helping develop policies, supporting staff development, quality assuring progress, or simply by asking difficult questions, but above all else I love spending time with the children and staff.

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1. Psychological

2. Emotional

3. Physical

4. Relational Energy

Why Mayflower?

For me, the best schools are those that see education as more than meeting targets and ticking boxes. They provide a secure, safe and loving environment for their pupils and staff. They go above and beyond to support the families and community of the children placed in their trust. That is why Mayflower.

What am I reading?

I have both read and written extensively on education. The list of recommendations is vast and varied but there are a few I always come back to and would urge you to look at.


What am I Researching?

I have always been interested in how children learn. I have researched, in depth, all the various forms of pedagogy throughout the ages in order to identify the most successful practices, to ascertain traits that can be identified and fully explored and utilised in the future.