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Mayflower Community Academy

Child Learning

Mayflower has a passion for learning. We believe in our community playing a large part in this. Creating a sense of collective responsibility for pupil's life chances, through connecting together through collective opportunities, we are more likely to increase the number of life choices for families.  Our aim is to sustain a continuous energy for research, development and of course therefore, life-long learning. 

It takes a village to raise a child

African proverb

Take a look below at the layers of thinking that make up our child based curriculum offer. Pupils are encouraged to share their learning way beyond their post-code. We start with sharing outcomes with parents, and then go on to connect ideas to audiences that feel most relevant and interested. It is powerful to watch an adult's response when they are presented with examples of a pupil's process and products. It changes the dynamic in families and encourages an exchange of ideas that are focused on learning. On what could be. On remaining curious and connected to knowledge, skills and their creative application into, and as part of, day to day life. 

We welcome ideas and feedback on how this offer can make an even bigger or more meaningful impact.


Together we can...