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Chair of Governors | Mr Rolt


Together we can...create leadership and learning good enough to share



I started teaching in 1994, working in schools in and around Plymouth, including eight years at North Prospect Community School.

Since 2008 I have been leading a family of three British schools in Spain. 

I believe that schools have a place in the heart of communities and work best when they embrace that community aspect. What schools teach in their curriculum is important, but only a fraction of the work that they do. Education is about knowledge, but it is also about skills, empathy, resilience, and so many other characteristics that help us all become lifelong learners.

My career is dedicated to raising standards of education and promoting educational excellence.

How to link with me

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1. Psychological

2. Emotional

3. Physical

4. Relational Energy

Why Mayflower?

The vision and values of Mayflower are aligned with my own educational values. Having spent eight years working at North Prospect Community School, I am happy to again be able to contribute to this vibrant community.

What am I reading?

A mixture of history and education books. Nearly always non-fiction. I’m always interested in authors who challenge the accepted norms and contribute new ideas.

What am I Researching?

Currently, school culture and behaviour. I am very interested in the variety of school cultures that are created in different styles of education system.