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Cameron Mills | Curriculum and Extended Opportunities | Music



Hi, I am Cameron Mills, I have a huge passion for working with children and love to provide an outlet for kids to express themselves through music and music making.  I am the owner of The Rock Project Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay which are music schools for primary and secondary school children.  We teach the children how to play instruments and perform as a band or group and provide opportunities for them to perform across the SouthWest.  We run band sessions and group drum lessons at The Mayflower Community Academy each week after school.  I have also started Family Jam sessions once a month on a Saturday in the school for whole families to come and play music together.

I am a presenter on True Radio every weekend and it is because of this that the Mayflower Community Academy asked me to come in and head up Made in Mayflower Media, including podcasts, live radio and so much more.  I teach them how to use the equipment, how to interview guests and how to speak with confidence about the particular topic we are given.

"I am excited to see what we can achieve; together we can."