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Mayflower Community Academy

Archive Projects

Focused Work

Working in schools involves simultaneously working on multiple projects. Staff are mentored, to enable them to become innovative Project Managers. Staff are encouraged to link with people both from within education and from outside. Cross pollination with industry, creates some of the most interesting and beneficial projects for our community to engage in. The aim is to up-skill staff, increase learning opportunities for pupils and their parents, raise the profile of Mayflower and our work, stimulate people to think differently, and create learning which we'll remember forever. Within these pages, you'll see just a sample of current projects that staff are working on. More information can be found by looking at the people section of this website, where you will see what individuals are doing.  

If you have an idea or would like to link with us on extending one of our current projects, please let us know. We are always keen collaborate with new mentors to jointly create more meaningful learning.

"Together we can...create learning we'll remember forever."