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52 in 52 @ 52 Olympic Triathlon Challenge


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Dear Friends of Mayflower,

I am excited to share with you an incredible challenge that I have taken on: completing 52 Olympic triathlons over 52 weeks at the age of 52! This challenge is not only a personal goal for me, but it is also an opportunity for me to give back to my community.

I am raising money for Mayflower Community Academy, a school that is close to my heart and is home to some amazing teachers and students. The school has a strong track record of producing amazing results for its students and the community, and I am proud to support its efforts. The funds that I raise will go towards some amazing projects that the school is running and giving the students the opportunity to grow, learn and put their new skills into practice.

I would be grateful for any support that you can offer. Your donations will not only help me achieve my goal, but they will also make a difference in the lives of the students at Mayflower Community Academy.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Together, we can make a positive impact for these amazing kids and teachers.


#25 done. 27 to go. I am officially knackered and need a weekend off. 3 Olympic Triathlons in 6 days. Any sponsorship greatly appreciated



Just completed my 16th Olympic triathlon today and I can confidently say that I'm now a pro at forgetting my watch, feeling sea sick, and rescuing strangers with bike troubles. Oh, and let's not forget the constant reminder of my chest infection during the run. But hey, I guess one swim stroke, one pedal turn, and one foot in front of the other is all it takes to finish strong... or just finish in general.🏊🚴🏃‍♀️💪 One of my slowest times but another one down. 

We also reached the 4k mark yesterday all for Mayflower Community Academy and Nursery So so thankful to you all. Please still consider donating at

Thanks as always to Cross Keys Estate Residential Sales & Lettings Plymouth Triathlon Club BikeWise SWMick Smirthwaite

#TriathlonProblems #JustKeepSwimmingPedalingRunning #16Down36ToGo

Completed 18 of 52.

52 Triathlons in 45 Weeks: How I Didn’t Just Survive, But Actually Had a Blast!

Mick Brian

Mick Brian

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November 24, 2023

Open Immersive Reader

Hey everyone,

So, here I am, trying to sum up this absolutely bonkers year. Remember when I thought, "Hey, why not do 52 Olympic triathlons in one year?" Yeah, me too. I question my sanity sometimes.

Starting Off: Me vs. Mother Nature January 7th. The weather? Atrocious. Me? Stubborn as ever. Those first few weeks were like a sitcom of me vs. the elements. Spoiler: It was a tie. But hey, I got into a groove (or maybe just accepted my fate). Cold, wet but still smiling at the end of the day.

Spring: Getting My Groove On Spring sprung, and so did my mood. The sun came out, and I thought, "Well, this isn’t so bad!" The triathlons became less about survival and more like a strange hobby. Donations started rolling in, and I thought, “Wow, people are actually paying to see if I make it!” That was a huge motivator, I could not let myself or people invested in me down now.

Summer: Sun, Sea, and Sore Legs Summer was a game-changer. I hit the sea, joined some fun triathlon events, and got a bit of healthy competition going. Dartmouth and Plymouth Triathlon were great. Only one problem. I forgot my wetsuit for the Dartmouth triathlon so did it in my tri-suit. The first 400m of that swim were scarry, I just could not get my breath, but I got through it. Passed the 30-triathlon mark. My mantra? “Just keep moving.”

Autumn: Chillin’ and Still Thrillin’ Autumn was chill in more ways than one. A few more triathlons down and I’m feeling so thankful with the sponsorship hitting over £4500. I mean, who knew people would pay to watch a grown man wear spandex and act like a fish, bike, and run all in one go?

Winter: The Final Countdown Then winter rolled back around. It’s like the weather saw me coming and thought, “Let’s give him a proper send-off.” The last triathlon was epic - wind, rain, the full package. But finishing at the school with all those kids cheering? Priceless. I might have shed a tear, but don’t tell anyone.

So, the numbers – because they’re pretty cool. Swam 78 kilometres, biked 2,080 kilometres, and ran 520 kilometres. Burned a gazillion calories (okay, more like 2200 per triathlon, but who's counting?). Fastest time: 2 hours 58 mins. Slowest: 3 hours 50. Never lost on ounce of weight would you believe. Weather, mood, and how many biscuits I ate for breakfast made all the difference.

Life Lessons: Adaptability and Stubbornness What did I learn? Well, besides the fact that I can talk to myself for hours while swimming, biking, and running, it’s that adaptability and a dash of stubbornness can get you through anything. Oh, and resilience – that’s a fancy word for just keeping going when it’s raining sideways.

Big Thanks: You All Are Awesome Everyone that donated, no matter how much and all those supporting, sharing posts, commenting, it made all the difference I promise. Shoutout to Cross Keys Estate Residential Sales & Lettings, and my mates Jack and Craig for boosting our target to a whopping £8k on the final day at the school. To my wife, Gemma – there are just no words to tell you how much I love you. Thanks for not disowning me when I turned our home into a triathlon training camp.

Last Call: Let’s Hit That 9K! We’re just shy of £9k now. So, if you’ve been holding out to see if I’d actually make it (I don’t blame you), now’s the time to chip in!

Signing Off: This whole escapade has been about more than just getting fit or wearing out my trainers. It’s been about showing the kids at Mayflower Community Academy that a bit of grit (and a lot of energy bars) can go a long way. Thanks for being part of this.  Let’s push for one last goal for these amazing kids. (and no, I'm not planning another 52 triathlons... yet).

Cheers, Mick